QA INTERNATIONAL is the main division of Groupe Québec Amérique. Groupe Québec Amérique also owns two other divisions: Éditions Québec Amérique, a major French publishing house in Canada, and QA Digital, a leading supplier of digital illustrations with a portfolio of more than ten thousand high-quality, professional images. Groupe Québec Amérique is a privately owned company founded in 1974. The Fortin family is the sole owner of the company. Jacques Fortin is the founder and still acts as CEO.

QA INTERNATIONAL was founded in June 1989 to create, develop and produce editorial content built around state-of-the-art computer images for publication in print and electronic media throughout the world. Recognized as a pioneer for designing and producing publications entirely by computer, QA INTERNATIONAL has earned a solid reputation among publishers around the world. QA INTERNATIONAL is now a leading purveyor of digital imagery and is active on five continents.