Incredible Body


A series in 3 volumes

INCREDIBLE BODY not only offers a positive and educational overview of the formidable “machine” known as the human body, but it also responds with humour and sensitivity to the questions and concerns that children most frequently ask.

THE HUMAN BODY includes all the organs that make you a person. Your organs belong to specialized teams called “functions” or “systems.” Each one plays a specific role that is essential to the proper functioning of the body.

DIGESTION is the path food follows in your digestive system. When you eat, it goes to work. It digests and absorbs the nutrients found in your food, providing you with the materials and the energy required for growing, moving, thinking... Why do you have to eat vegetables? And why do you sometimes get a stomach-ache?

THE BRAIN is your command centre. As head of the nervous system, it receives, sorts, and analyzes information coming from inside and outside your body, in addition to making you breathe, move, think, feel, grow... Your brain is at work every minute, day and night! What exactly does it do? What does it need to function properly?

GENES make up your organism’s instruction manual. They contain the directives that your body needs to function properly and determine your physical characteristics. But where are your genes? Why do some people have light blue eyes while others have dark brown? Do twins have the same genes?


The Heart (available soon)


Elementary school children, 7-12 years old




203 mm x 203 mm, (8 in X8 in)




7-12 years

Children’s reference - Incredible Body
A voyage into our organism that emphasizes the extraordinary feats that it accomplishes on a daily basis.

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