A series in 5 volumes

MÖBIUS, a non-fiction series like no other, presents historical facts, wacky information and simple solutions to help the environment. Funny sketches and hyper-realistic illustrations share the pages with expert-reviewed information as well as statistics to further the reader’s knowledge.

Why is it called Möbius? Because the universal recycling symbol is a Möbius loop!

The series presents a positive, constructive and non-judgmental vision of the environment alongside some easy activities to accomplish in class or at home. This unique approach allows the reader to truly understand its relationship with nature and the reasons why it is important to treasure and preserve it.

THE ENVIRONMENT is a greater source of global concern today than ever before. In order to protect it, we must understand what is threatening its delicate balance.

WASTE pollutes and devastates our environment. Where does it come from? What is it made of? What can we do to reduce or eliminate waste completely?

WATER is an essential substance for all living beings. That’s why it’s known as “blue gold.” Since the survival of every lifeform depends on it, what can we do to protect this valuable resource?

FORESTS are habitats to a host of plants and animals. They are home to precious resources such as food, raw materials, medicines, and water. What can we do to preserve healthy forests?

SOIL comprises all the rich earth that is under our feet. Soil can be dark or light, fine or grainy. Soil nourishes plants and provides a habitat for millions of living things. How can we help to conserve this precious resource?

AIR is a mixture of gases that envelops the Earth and forms the atmosphere. In addition to providing the conditions necessary to create life, air contains the oxygen we breathe. And yet, every day the air is being filled with pollutants that are bad for our health and heat up our planet. What can we do to preserve the air and protect the environment?


Renewable energies (available soon)


Elementary school children, 7-12 years old




203 mm x 203 mm, (8 in X8 in)




7-12 years

Children’s reference - Möbius Encyclopedia
An optimistic series for children to discover how to help the planet, one small gesture at a time!

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